What’s Memorable about Your Home?

February 9, 2022


What’s Memorable about Your Home?

Chances are, there is a characteristic of your property that everyone remembers, appreciates, and maybe even envies.  It could be a spacious kitchen with an island and upgraded appliances, a stunning backyard with a wrap-around deck and beautiful landscaping, or rustic hardwood floors that contrast with elegant, high-end ceramics.

Whatever it is about your property that people tend to like and remember will also appeal to potential buyers.  So, when listing your home for sale make sure to emphasize that characteristic.

When buyers view homes, they tend to remember just one, or sometimes up to two or three features of each property.  “Oh, that’s the house with the large rec room and bar.” Or “That’s the property with the gorgeous landscaping.”

These are characteristics that help sell a property.  Make sure you highlight them.

Sometimes, though, homeowners are so close to their property that they lose perspective of what is truly appealing about it.  So, ask friends to tell you what features in your home make it appealing.  You might be surprised by their answers.  Better yet, call a real estate professional like me, who has seen hundreds of home over the years through buyers’ eyes to identify what makes your home memorable.