The Problem with “Stuff”

January 31, 2022

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The Problem with “Stuff”If you’re like most homeowners, you probably have a lot of stuff in your home that you accumulated over the years.

That’s just what happens!  And it is not a big deal until you try to sell your home.

What may seem to you like a comfortable home office filled with supplies, office equipment, books and papers, may look to a buyer like an uncomfortable, small, and cluttered space.

That’s the problem with “stuff”.  Too much of it, and it gets in the way of buyers seeing and appreciating the great features of your home.  Stuff also gets in the way of buyers visualizing what their lives will be like if they lived in your house.  This visualization is critical in creating a desire to buy.

So, when you’re selling your home, what do you do with all that extra stuff?

One solution is to have a garage or yard sale.  (If you call it a “moving sale” you’ll attract more buyers.)  This is a great way to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore and potentially make a few dollars along the way.

Another solution is to give some of the items you don’t need to charity.  There are many local organizations that can make good use of secondhand clothing, furniture, and toys.  There are also local “freecycle” internet groups where you can offer your stuff for free.  Members will come to your door to pick up your stuff and you’ll sleep happy knowing that your belongings will be enjoyed by others.

For all of the things you want to hang on to, but are cluttering up your home, consider renting a locker at a self-storage company.

Finally, there is always the option of getting rid of your stuff for good.  For pieces you cannot easily put in trash call or visit and don’t forget to use the code ROYAL50 to save $50!

One thing is for certain.  The more spacious and comfortable each room of your home appears to potential buyers, the more likely it is that they’ll see the true value of your property and become interested.