Designing a Livable, Low Maintenance Outdoor Space

July 23, 2021

When it comes to summertime entertaining, your outdoor space is at the center of the action.  But if landscaping does not come naturally to you, don’t worry. You do not need elaborate greenery to create your own little backyard oasis.  In fact, you do not need a backyard at all!

Ditch the Grass

Lawn care can be a bit of a paradox.  The larger the lot, the more effort involved—the smaller the lot, the more questionable the effort becomes.  This is why an increasing number of homeowners are turning to hardscaping by covering their outdoor space in decorative stone or eye-catching brick patchworks. Less work, more space for entertaining.

Make Use of Potted Plants

Incorporating pots into your landscaping is not only low maintenance, but also highly versatile. Whether you are decorating a large backyard deck or a small condo balcony, potted plants add effortless color to any space.  Plus, if you are not a seasoned gardener, you can opt for low maintenance plants and add color and personality with your pot choices.

Make it Comfortable

What is the secret to creating a livable outdoor space?  Make it just as comfy and stylish as your indoor living room.  Do not limit yourself with traditional plastic outdoor furniture; add a personal touch with cozy throw pillows and outdoor blankets for cooler evenings. Incorporate a focal point, like a fire pit, and hang some string lights to create ambiance.

Put my expertise to work!

I can help you design a livable outdoor space that will add value to your home and attract prospective buyers down the road.