Consider the Possibilities

February 2, 2022

Consider the PossibilitiesYou’re shopping for a new home.  You visit a property that looks great from the outside, but when you go inside to explore the rooms, you’re disappointed.  The kitchen is cluttered and “feels” small.  The living room seems too wide.  The master bedroom doesn’t look comfortable at all.

Should you strike this home off your list of possibilities?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  You see, there may be any number of reasons why a room doesn’t look appealing.  Some of those reasons may have little to do with the size and configuration of the space.

For example, a bedroom might look tight and uncomfortable because there are two over-sized dressers taking up most of the space, making the room feel cluttered.  Without them the room could be ideal.

The kitchen might seem small because the toaster, coffeemaker, spice rack and numerous other items are using up all the counter space.  If you can imagine those gone, you might see how roomy the kitchen could feel.

So the next time you’re viewing a home, consider the possibilities for each room, not just how the room actually looks now.

When you view homes with an experienced real estate professional like me, my job is to point out the hidden potential of a home you are viewing so you do not miss out on hidden gems.  Contact me to help you see beyond the immediately noticeable.