Be a Savvy Home Viewer

November 27, 2021

Be a Savvy Home ViewerThe last thing you want to experience after purchasing a home is “buyer’s remorse”.  That is the sinking feeling you get when you realize, days or weeks later, that you may have made the wrong decision.

Say, for example, you bought a home based on your first impressions.  When you viewed it, you thought it was simply perfect.  Then, a few weeks after you moved in, you discovered that the bedrooms are smaller than you had originally thought and the street is loud and busy.  That would not be a particularly good feeling!

That is why it is important to become a savvy home viewer.  When you visit a property for sale, you need to move past your first impressions and take a comprehensive look at the property and the neighborhood.  That way, there will not be any unpleasant surprises later on.

Here are some tips on how to do just that:

  • Take the time to carefully view each room, including closets and storage areas.
  • Make sure you have measurements of all the rooms.
  • Imagine yourself living in the home.  Where will you have dinner?  How will your furniture look?  What is it going to be like to travel to work and school each day?  Where will your kids play?
  • Get a professional home inspection.  Then, make sure you read and understand the report.
  • Understand and get estimates for any maintenance and repair issues, such as bathroom upgrades or roof shingles that need replacement.
  • Walk in the community and get a clear sense of what it is going to be like to live there.
  • Carefully consider any negative issues before telling yourself, “I can live with this.”

Having a realtor right by your side pointing out these issues and how good a match a house is to your wants and needs doesn’t hurt either.  Call me to be that sounding board for you.