How to Maximize Your Bathroom Storage

June 8, 2022

It’s the first place you visit when you wake up, and the last stop you make before going to bed. We all wish our bathroom would look and feel like a spa… Yet, for most of us, it’s one room in the home that never seems to have enough storage. Here are some helpful tips and handy storage solutions to maximize the space in a small bathroom:

  • Trade in your under-sink cabinets for a set of deep drawers. You won’t be sorry. This will essentially double the amount of surface space you have to store your toiletries, make-up and other bathroom essentials. The top drawer can be customized to fit around the sink, while maximizing every square inch of space around it. If you do have cabinets, however, take advantage of the space on the inside of the doors by installing small hooks perfect for hanging flat, lightweight items (i.e. brushes and hand mirrors).
  • Make your mirror work double duty. A mirror can be functional in more ways than one. A medicine cabinet-style mirror is the perfect place to store first-aid items, hair accessories, and small things like cotton balls and Q-tips.
  • Store only what is necessary. If you can, keep cleaning supplies in the laundry room or under the kitchen sink. Avoid storing a family pack of extra toilet paper in the bathroom. Keep 2-3 rolls close by and store the rest in the garage or laundry room. To free up space in a cabinet or drawer, place the extra rolls in a decorative basket on top of your toilet or on the side of your tub.
  • Use empty wall space wisely. Use the area above your toilet for storage. Installing a few floating shelves or a small cabinet for items you don’t use on a daily basis (i.e. guest toiletries or small towels) can help free up space under your sink.
  • Install a towel rack on an empty wall. While having containers, hot tools and other countertop items on display can make your bathroom look cluttered and messy, a stack of neatly folded towels on a floating wall rack can give your space the look and feel of a luxury hotel ensuite.
  • Box it up. Use organizing containers to keep the items inside your cabinets and drawers neat and tidy. Use stackable bins with lids or pull-out drawers to maximize vertical space.